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Genetic Cancer Genome Screening has never been so simple. With the new at-home oral swab, you are done in just 2 minutes!

This page is made available to give consumers general information and a general understanding of the preventative services available to Medicare Part B patients. 

Precision Oncology Saves Lives
Elaine Schattner in Forbes said, “Without access to this test, the human body takes up to 15 years to physically show symptoms of sickness due to cancers that could have been stopped over a decade earlier. Now we can detect the cancer before it even forms in the body, and eradicate it.”

In the past, these potentially life-saving tests were prohibitive because of the cost. CMS’s new decision could open up myriad opportunities and advancements with cancer treatments.

Going forward, precision oncology will hopefully be the standard for patients worldwide. It can lengthen life spans, alleviate symptoms, and even save lives. Get your test completely free by contacting one of our experienced agents.

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Calling All Medicare Patients
For a limited time only, if qualified, Medicare will cover the entire cost of your simple, at-home cancer screening.

ATTENTION:  Insurance Agents and Health Care Professionals.  We are building a team of advocates to join us in our mission to educate the Senior Community and also enjoy a generous compensation for doing so. Contact Tom Stevenson 203-682-3240

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Medicare Now Covers At-Home Cancer Screening Test
The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) finally announced that they will cover state of the art at-home gene sequencing tests for cancer that have been approved by the FDA for just over 3 months. As a direct result of this brand new science, senior mortality rates are projected to drop as much as 43% over the next 5 years. This simple test takes about 2 minutes at home, and detects all types of cancer and precancers with just one simple swab inside the cheek. 

Pre-Emptive Care is the Future
With the new medicare coverage codes in effect, many seniors on medicare are entitled to receive a comprehensive genetic cancer test completely covered by their Medicare Part B. Previously unavailable until now, the CGX screening is a quick, non-intrusive test taken by swabbing the inside of your cheek. 

Not only can this simple screening tell you if you have any type of undetected cancer in your body, but it will also let you know what cancers you and your family (children and grand-children) may be genetically predisposed towards getting in the future.

This test specifically covers 32 genes which have been proven to show cancer or pre-cancers in a person with a 100% accuracy rate. Some experts estimate that since the inception of the 32 panel genetic test, 90% of cancer fatalities will disappear within the next 5 years.

 Senior Healthcare Solutions

Our team of highly trained health advocates will answer your questions, pre-qualify you for coverage and walk you through every step of the process including taking your swab and sending it in for analysis. Provided you are qualified, there is no cost to you for this test.  Contact the person who referred you here to start the process or contact our office and we'll put you in touch with an agent in your area.

Tom Stevenson, Managing Partner     203-682-3240