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Join our Affiliate Marketing Team and Earn Residual Income. Simply share the program with other business owners you know or build a team of affiliates. Our plan pays bonuses for new Sharenode Members and Nasgo business customers in addition to ongoing residual commissions for total team sales volume. Join for Free and earn a stakeholder position with no investment. Learn about the five independent income streams available.

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Introducing the Future of Internet Marketing

The Technology

Cryptocurrency is changing the way the world does business. ShareNode has developed technology that brings businesses and customers together through blockchain technology. The ShareNode token offers you the ability to purchase blockchain marketing tools and systems that the world has never seen.  We are calling this the 'GoDaddy of Blockchain'!

ShareNode token is part of delegated proof of stake consensus. Each token entitles you to 1 vote for a Delegate Masternode. ShareNode Masternodes provide the computing power to process the transactions of cryptocurrency without drawing on large amounts of energy that is destroying our planet. Confusing right?  Don't worry, we will explain it all in good time.

ShareNode Is The Solution!

ShareNode (powered by Nasgo) token-revolution of blockchain mining and connecting customers to businesses is the next evolution of a sharing economy since the internet was born. If you own 1,000 ShareNode tokens you are assisting in sharing this eco-friendly model with the world by helping us provide server power to run the Nasgo platform. You will be rewarded with tokens added to your ShareNode wallet daily. Each company joining the Nasgo/ShareNode platform increases the rewards for each of our ShareNode Members. We believe in the W3 Model. A win for companies. A win for the community. A win for members.

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Simply put,  Sharenode  provides any small to medium sized business the opportunity to advertise and tokenize themselves on the blockchain; quickly, efficiently and economically.

Warning - Your history knowledge of the internet will be tested.

Marketing on the Blockchain