Our Tips on Financial Budgeting and Planning Tools​:

We know from many years of experience in financial consulting that having the right system or tools for budgeting and planning is critical to achieving long term financial success. We have evaluated most of the most popular self managed services available in the market today and the following are our recommendations.

Auto-Pilot your Bills  The simplest way to start growing your financial nest egg is to reduce or minimize your essential monthly bills. These are the things you need for everyday living but don't want to overspend on them because they are recurring every month. This is the reverse of compounding your income or return on investments. We have the simple answer for both personal and business expenses.

PersonalCapital.com Best for overall money management and investing. No cost unless utilizing investment advisory services. Get $20 when you open your account.

Mint.com  Best if your main focus is on getting control of your budget. Free to use but does not have long term planning or investing tools.

Coinseed.io  Learn how to invest your spare change, learn from others and grow your future with this easy to use phone app.  Get $5 when you open your account.

Abra.com  is the only exchange that allows you to buy, store and exchange 28 cryptocurrencies, and several foreign currencies, all in an easy to use Mobile App.  Exchange USD for crypto or one crypto for another with a few simple clicks. Click on the link above to download the app and receive a $25 Bonus when you start.

We suggest that you research them, and others if you like, to see which product best suits your goals and objectives.  Please contact us if you have any questions or have comments to share. 

Interested in learning more, just give us a call at 203-682-3240. Let's start the conversation and get you on the Road to Financial Success.

Introducing Cutting Edge Financial Products that will forever change your

outlook financially.

Are you facing any of these FINANCIAL CHALLENGES? 

  • Saving to purchase your first home or a vacation property

  • Kids Education Funding or Payoff Student Loans

  • Retirement Plan  -  Accelerate growth or catch up for lost time 

  • Secondary income or looking for a Home Based Business

  • Diversify your Investments and hedge against traditional markets

We have discovered some extraordinary Strategies that provide

Simple, Reliable and Affordable Solutions for these challenges and more.

​Here are just a few of the FEATURED BENEFITS these products offer:​​

  • Above Average Returns without taking excessive risk
  • Safety Hedge created against traditional financial markets
  • ​Automated Systems that generate income 24/7 while you sleep
  • Weekly Compounding provides accelerated rates of return
  • Referral Commissions paid on four to six levels in program credits

And you can start with as little as $500.


Customized Solutions....World Class Service Since 1992

Global Wealth Strategies

Partial Listing of Product Offerings

            - Forex Currency

            - Cryptocurrency


BitCoin Explained

Our Managing Partner, Tom Stevenson, has been involved in the financial consulting arena for over 40 years, first as a SVP in Commercial Banking and since then as a small business financial consultant.

"These products are exactly what we have been searching for since the financial melt down in 2008. I encourage everyone to thoroughly evaluate the opportunity for financial success offered with these products."

SPECIAL NOTE: These strategies are NOT intended to be a majority of your investment portfolio. However, as a conservative percentage, say 1-5%, they can significantly improve your overall return well into the double digits.


Here's a Simple Example Strategy to get you started:

1. Purchase $1000 in Mining Units (No fees or other costs)

2. Elect to buy additional units with your monthly payouts

3. In One year your Mining Units are now worth $3,600*

4. Your Mining Units are now producing $1,000 monthly

* Invest more or less, the result will be relatively the same return of approximately 3.5 times your original amount. 

This example assumes a daily rate of 1 per cent. However,

past performance is not a guarantee of future results. All investments carry a degree of risk and we recommend not investing more than you can afford to lose.