Executive Summary

  1. NASGO (NSG) is the blockchain technology and “fuel” for the entire system
  2. SHARENODE (SNP) provides the marketing
  3. AMICO provides the total commerce ecosystem
  • Crypto Currency Ecommerce and payment gateway
  • The new cryptocurrency "PayPal" 
  • Multiple currency wallet and exchange
  • Business tokenization, blockchain toolbox and URL  for businesses in a secure online environment
  • Social media, advertising and messaging; plus social media mining


Owning SNP is like owning the “golden goose” that continues to lay eggs in the form of NSG coins and the tokens of ALL other businesses in the Amico global e-commerce platform. 

There are a finite number of SNP: This will increase their value over time.

When you are a Sharenode Stakeholder (1,000 shares)


    PASSIVE EARNINGS - (3 sources)

1.  You earn a daily prorata share of tokens of EVERY company tokenized  

  • How many companies worldwide will join the Amico platform? 

        - Projected to be as many as 100,000+ companies by end of 2020.

  • Spend these tokens with these companies, or
  • Sell tokens on the worldwide Amico e-commerce platform.

2.  You earn a daily prorata pairing bonus in NASGO’s own NSG coin:

  • Will be on MAJOR crypto exchanges by end of 2018:
  • Convert NSG to USD or BTC if you wish and/or hold for long term.

3.  You earn a daily prorata share of transaction fees in NSG coin:

  • Every transaction pays a tiny fee in NSG.
  • Earn NSG transaction fees – FOREVER.

4. ACTIVE EARNINGS- (3 sources) Refer others to become Stakeholders

  • Earn 10% in bitcoin when you refer others
  • Earn 5% when they refer others (2-level Affiliate program)
  • Infinity Bonus “Ambassador” rewards - earn overrides on your entire team as you meet achievement levels

5. ACTIVE EARNINGS- (1 source) Refer businesses to the Nasgo/Sharenode

  • Earn ShareNode Tokens (SNP).

* Join for FREE and earn 1,000 SNP to be fully qualified to earn passive income as a  Sharenode Stakeholder (1-3):

  • Refer one business - Earn 1,000 SNP (and 100 NSG) and you're qualified
  • Refer two people who each refer a business and you're qualified

NSG Coins ar currently trading on BitForex Exchange. Visit the website and oepn a Free Account to follow. CLICK HERE and search for NSG.

Affiliate Marketing Compensation Plan

How to create FIVE Separate Streams of Income

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SUMMARY - Five Separate Income Streams

1. Earn daily NSG - prorata share of daily earnings

2. Earn daily share of all companies tokens

3. Earn daily NSG - share of transaction fees

4. Earn 10% Comm in BTC for referring others

    Earn 5% Comm in BTC on second level referrals

    Earn Infinity Bonus on overall business volume

5. Earn SNP tokens for referring business customers

GRAND TOTAL of Seven ways to earn income