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We operate in the most explosive demographic market which certainly needs no introduction or explanation - Baby Boomers. In January 2011, the oldest post-World War II Baby Boomers began turning 65; since then, roughly 10,000 boomers have celebrated their 65th birthday every day.  By the time the last of this generation approaches retirement age in 2029, 18 percent of the U.S. population will be at least that age, according to the Pew Research Center.

Coupled with the shift in focus on Wellness and Preventative Healthcare, we foresee an expanding market for many years to come.

  Healthcare Advocates


Make a positive contribution in your community, work in a professional industry and feel a strong sense of purpose in changing peoples lives. This is an independent business opportunity you can be proud to be involved in and like nothing else in the affiliate or network marketing industry.

You may already be a professional in Insurance, Healthcare or Financial Services. Adding our program will expand both the value proposition for your clients and your direct and indirect income streams.

PROGRAM We are building a team of Healthcare Advocates dedicated to educating consumers, more specifically Seniors who are currently on Medicare, about the benefits of Genetic Cancer Screening and the opportunity to have testing performed at NO COST to them provided they meet certain qualifications.

Insurance Professionals This is a natural Value Added Service for your business.

Perfect Retirement Business Earn extra income educating and helping your fellow Baby Boomers.

No expensive products or services to sell or hefty monthly auto-ships required.

An opportunity to make a difference in the fight against cancer and create a professional career path with a significant earning potential.


Our compensation structure allows for both direct and indirect earnings through a simple yet powerful Unilevel Model.  This is not your typical network marketing plan with hidden gotchas and lofty sales goals that are unrealistic for the average participant.  You can earn a full-time, six figure income through a direct effort without recruiting a single team member. Depending on the patient qualifications, your direct commission will average $500 for each screening performed.

However, if you want to build and lead a team of professionals, there is no limit to the number of advocates you can personally sponsor and our plan pays down six levels producing the potential for a significant indirect, passive income stream.  Full details of the Compensation Plan are available upon request.


To get started there is only a modest, one time fee and there are no licensing requirements. Complete and ongoing training is provided along with marketing materials. Support is available  both online and live through your sales team leadership. We provide regular live online informational webinars including the opportunity to meet the corporate executive team and sales force leadership.


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